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People often ask what is the difference between life coaching counselling and psychotherapy.

The first thing to say is that I take a psychological approach to all my work and I see this as a continuum with life coaching at one end, psychotherapy at the other and counselling somewhere in the middle. There is a lot of overlap between these approaches.

Life coaching usually involves helping people with specific issues which may be work related (delay in getting things done, perfectionism, bullying etc.) or to do with their relationships or just feeling stuck in their lives. It is a very specific goal related approach and that can be very helpful and liberating if you feel you want to move on or do things differently. I can give you the tools to help you to do this.

Ethics and a safe place to talk

I subscribe to and am bound by the code of ethics of the National Counselling Society and the British Psychological Society. These are available to view on the relevant websites.

All my sessions are strictly confidential unless an intention to harm self or others is divulged or where there is a statutory duty to disclose information. Details might also be discussed in strict confidence between me and my supervisor in accordance with NCS guidelines.

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    There is a flat rate fee for all sessions of life coaching and therapy which is £50 for a full one hour session. I offer an initial discount for the first five sessions should you chose to block book these in advance making the cost £225 a saving of £5 per session.