How I work


My Psychotherapy training was in constructivist psychology which is based on the work of George Kelly.

Kelly felt that no one need feel painted into a corner and it was the job of the therapist to help the client to build bridges and become unstuck. In addition he thought that the client knew more about their own difficulties than anyone else and it was the task of therapy to help facilitate and support the client to create a more fruitful life for themselves. Kelly created a language which enables us to explain our life in a positive and constructive way and it will be my task to share these ideas, thoughts and techniques with you to help you to build a better world for yourself and others.


I will use a number of different approaches to find out what works best for you.

Importantly if my approach doesn't work, we will change it. You are very much in the driving seat Should you decide you would want to work with me the process is the same for life coaching, counselling or psychotherapy. I would see you firstly for an initial consultation. This gives us the opportunity to see if we can work together, identify issues and plan a course of therapy. Thereafter we will undertake five sessions and then review progress. From this, we might decide that five sessions is enough or we might decide to plan further sessions the decision will be yours.

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    There is a flat rate fee for all sessions of life coaching and therapy which is £50 for a full one hour session. I offer an initial discount for the first five sessions should you chose to block book these in advance making the cost £225 a saving of £5 per session.