"The mind becomes that which it contemplates" - Shelley

Welcome from - Steven Codling


My name is Steven Codling and I provide a range of psychological therapy services including Psychotherapy, Counselling and Life Coaching.

My Psychotherapy and Counselling work is with individuals and couples and I can help if you are experiencing psychological difficulties in any part of your life or relationships with others. If you are feeling “stuck” and needing to move things on in your life I can help with this too.

The work can include help with depression and persistent low mood, anxiety (in all its forms) excessive worry, low self esteem, addictions and relationship difficulties at home and or work. I can also help with phobias and with those who are struggling to manage bereavement in an authentic way.

As a life coach I can provide a short, targeted service that will help if you are seeking to overcome specific problems relating to your work, life or relationships. If you feel any of this goes some way towards describing your difficulties please do contact me.